Thoroughly Modern Measured

A refreshingly modern update

Measured Architecture is a Vancouver-based studio focused on modern design, interiors and landscapes. Its dedication to situational modernism — a subject-based, humanist approach that considers a project through the aspirations of a client, the opportunities of a site and the constraints of a municipality, budget and schedule — has earned the studio the lasting affection of clients and an array of awards over the years. 

After 10 years in business, the Measured principals were ready to align the studio’s brand to the reality of its thriving architectural practice. Combo assembled a top-notch creative team to establish a brand strategy and to execute the materials based on it, including a custom WordPress website that highlighted Measured’s work and process, a newsletter, and a brand book.

"We believe that modern homes should reflect the lifestyles of the people living them and the environment surrounding them."

Clinton Cuddington + Piers Cunnington, Principals

The brand strategy established Measured’s key positioning, brand attributes and tone, target audiences, a consideration of competitors and tactical actions in order of priority. Once approved, Combo began creative execution. 

With a nod to Measured’s previous identity and its appreciation for bold statements, the design team evolved the studio’s core colour to a vibrant red. We also turned the spotlight on Measured’s brand font, Helvetica, which served to underline the brand’s open and human-oriented spirit while paying homage to the timelessness of mid-century design.

Moving into the modern era

The website,, was from the start the heart of Measured’s refreshed brand. Combo’s goal was for the site to reflect the brand’s open and flowing spirit, visually achieved through a straightforward, square-based grid paired with bold typography.

The site brings the studio and its team into vivid focus, allowing visitors to get a deep sense of the humanistic manner in which Measured approaches its work. Each project page narrates through writing and images the story of a space from start to finish, or in Measured’s language, from “idea” to “build” to “live.”   

Because Measured’s unique process and the spirit of collaboration is as important to the principals as the finished projects, we assigned equal space to these areas. Combo also took care to ensure the site backend was highly automated, creating efficiencies that made ongoing management easy. 

Combo recently designed an e-newsletter template for Measured to highlight its upcoming and recently completed projects, work in the community, and studio team. The results are promising, with newsletter no. 1 achieving 80% open and 25% click-through rates. 

In Measured’s own words, “The new is clean, modern and accessible, a faithful reflection of our studio and the physical work we create for our clients every day. Breathable and full of light, it’s a place to showcase our projects, show off our talented staff, share news, introduce our collaborators, and walk visitors through our creative and applied processes.”

The studio is also thrilled that its Instagram following more than doubled after the launch of its new site.

Measured’s stories are soon to venture into printed territory with a brand book and selected project publications.

The Combo combo:

Strategy: Combo Creative
Writing: Su T Fitterman + Sam Dunner
Design: Today Studio
Photography: Yasmeen Strang
Coding: Glance Digital

Awards + Nominations:
Awwwards – Honorable Mention
CSS Winner – Site of the Day, Winner

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