Andrea Pelly

Print Broker

After 25+ years in the printing business and staying atop of industry trends, Andrea know just about everything there is to know about litho and digital printing. Andrea collaborates closely with Combo Creative teams at the start of print projects, ensuring that designers can take full advantage of her expertise, and that clients can achieve the best prices and printing quality en route. 

I am, in no particular order: mother, wife, friend, daughter, manager of all things printed, sister, keeper of the house

I’m interested in: gardening

Basic necessities for work: Macbook Pro, iPhone

Must-have items for Vancouver: Arc’teryx rain jacket and good rain boots

Social media: Instagram to connect with close friends and family

Favourite brand: Bridge Brewing

Favourite app: Cribbage

Favourite font: Gotham

I’m my best self: on the water in a boat

I crave: chips and wine

I collect: beach glass

I am impressed by people who: can live a balanced life

Significant accomplishment: my two boys

Always looking for: good trails to hike with my dog

I believe: we all have a story

Work most proud of: printing Montecristo magazine

Coffe or tea: coffee

Car or bike: car

Interesting fact: love to waterski