Angela Hot

My Combo: Design + Art Direction

I am, in no particular order: Graphic designer, tennis nut, fitness enthusiast, wife, thinker, organizer, environmentalist, typography snob, oenophile

I am interested in: Making the world a better place through good design and helping people live healthier lives

Basic necessities for work: Notepads with gridlines, mechanical pencil, MacBook Pro, Apple Magic Mouse, email

Must-have items for Vancouver: Road bike, umbrella, optimism

I am my best self: After a workout or 11 am, whichever comes first

Social media: Twitter and LinkedIn

I crave: Peanut butter and peanut-butter-flavored things

I am impressed by people who: Set goals and take steps to achieve them

Coffee or tea? Coffee, once per day

Always looking for: Marketing folks who appreciate good, strategic design and shoes that will fit a narrow size 10 foot!

Favorite websites: Brand New, Co. Design

Significant accomplishment: Apprenticing with Massimo Vignelli in France