Catherine Winters

My Combo: Web Design + Web Development

I am, in no particular order: Reader, writer, interaction designer, developer, activist, wife, pub quiz player, type enthusiast, tall

I am interested in: User interfaces, game design, open standards

Basic necessities for work: Dual monitors and the root password

Must-have items for Vancouver: Clarks walking shoes and a sturdy umbrella

Social media: Twitter, Forrst, Dribbble

I am my best self: 9 am for programming, 2 pm for design or theming, 10 pm for writing

I crave: Spaghetti

I am impressed by people who:  Can spell out loud


Blogs worth RSSing: Brand New, Portman Doe, Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling

Car or bike? Bike, with gears and brakes

Books that have defined me: A Wrinkle in Time

Favorite website: A List Apart

Always looking for: Finger guns

Significant accomplishment: I'm one of the only members of my generation I've ever met to have taken the advice “do what you love” and made it into a successful career.

Interesting fact: Thomas Jefferson popularized American-style macaroni and cheese

Work most proud of: My Drupal and other open-source community contributions