My Combo: Design + Art Direction

I am, in no particular order: Collaborator, entrepreneur, observer, creative, learner, friend, mom, wife, connector, traveller, food lover, reader, German

I am interested in: People, anything design, the latest online tools, business, data, photography, the secret of living a balanced life

Basic necessities for work: Pencil & paper, MacBook Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple’s Magic Mouse, To-do lists, Skype, a good tune

Must-have items for Copenhagen: Bike, and a love for cobble stone

I crave: Salty licorice & salty chocolate

I am impressed by people who: Make their ideas happen

I collect: Visual Inspiration, pictures of animals, cities

Coffee or tea? Tea, Earl Grey

Blogs worth RSSing: TED, Pocket, Wired

Always looking for: Web developers with a love for design(ers)

Interesting fact: I think I'm one of the very few graphic designers who started out in print but then discovered a deep love for web design

Social media: Dribble, Linkedin, Pinterest, Somewhere

Favorite websites: 52 Weeks of UX, Awwwards, Medium