Daniela Gilsdorf

Designer + Art Director

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Dani now practices graphic design and art direction in Vancouver. She has broad expertise in branding, typography and the finer details of print production. Dani is passionate about paper and unique paper products–you can see this reflected in her printed work, including two of her specialties, book design and event communication materials.

I am, in no particular order: traveller, papernatic (lover of paper), craft beer connoisseur, artisan, entrepreneur, furniture nerd, friend, minimalist, attracted to everything beautiful, foodie, outdoorsy, German

I’m interested in: art, design, architecture, travelling, stationary, reading, outdoors, paper – paper – paper

Basic necessities for work: laptop, paper (with cutting mat, ruler, scalpel and double-sided tape), my hands and mind

Must-have items for Vancouver: hiking boots, camping gear, snowshoes, sunscreen and growler

Social media: Instagram, LinkedIn

Favourite brands: Muji

I collect: amazing and unique print objects, Danish furniture, keepsakes from travelling

Coffee or tea: coffee!!

Car or bike: bike (car to get out of town)

Always looking for: ways to push the boundaries on materials and finding likeminded paper enthusiasts

Favourite fonts: Grilli, Type, Fangirl

Interesting fact: I am German but can pronounce “th” properly in English

Work most proud of: having a label (Petit Fou) that sold my unique, handmade paper clutches