My Combo: Photography + Filmmaking

I am, in no particular order: Slave to my girls, photographer, filmmaker, amateur historian, craver of space, encaustic painter, wannabe novelist and pretend fisherman

I am interested in: History, great films, my wife, art and Napa Valley grapes

Basic necessities for work: Camera and oxygen

Must-have items for Vancouver: Art portfolio, kayak and trust fund

Social media: Yes, when I remember


I am my best self: Sunrise

I crave: Dark chocolate, Werner Herzog films, human interests stories and long walks with my dog

I collect: Anonymous family photos from long ago and flea bites

I am impressed by people who: Have no ego

Coffee or tea? Coffee, americano

Blogs worth RSSing: Errol Morris

It's a funny story: It’s a pretty funny one, but being a photographer I think I’ve said way too much already