Etienne Poulin

My Combo: Design + Art Direction

I am, in no particular order: Music lover, brother, godfather, son, photographer, cat lover, snowboarder, friend, husband, efficient, curious, designer, disciplined, picky

I am interested in: Architecture, design, art, advertising, typography, brainstorming, invention, photography, movies, food, travel

Basic necessities for work: MacBook Pro 15", Apple Display 27", Adobe Suite, Internet, iPhone

Social media: Twitter for news, Facebook for family and friends, LinkedIn for networking, Rdio for music

Must-have items for Vancouver: Camera, appetite for sushi

Favorite brand: Coca Cola

I am my best self: In the morning

I crave: Sweets

I collect: T-shirts

Coffee or tea? Coffee, with milk only

Favorite website: Under Consideration and its blog, Quipsologies

I am still hoping for: Back To The Future 4 and The Goonies 2

Interesting fact: I believe chocolate and mint should never go together. Period.