Hayley Burns

Designer + Art Director

A native of Toronto, Hayley moved to Vancouver to study communication arts at Emily Carr University. She remained after graduating, moving to a top design firm in town to gain valuable hands-on experience–from pitch to production–working on best-in-class brands. Hayley went solo in 2017, and is at her best when collaborating with creatives and clients on identity, web, print, packaging and environmental design.

My combo: design + art direction

I am, in no particular order: designer, photographer, friend, partner, sister, vegetarian, animal lover, feminist, environmentalist

I’m interested in: typography, music, film, architecture, travel, gardening, thrifting, beer, apocalyptic stories, street photography, printmaking, zines and art books, all forms of design

Basic necessities for work: laptop, sketchbook and music

Social media: Instagram, Pinterest

I’m my best self: after a successful presentation

I crave: petting dogs

I collect: rulers and art books

I’m impressed by people who: are committed to their craft

Coffee or tea: strong coffee

Car or bike: bike

Always looking for: interesting/rare/funny vintage t-shirts

Favourite fonts: right now I’m loving display fonts from the 60s and 70s like Friz Quadrata and Benguiat

Interesting fact: I shook Beyoncé’s hand once

I’m still hoping that: I’ll become a morning person