Kelley Korbin

Strategist + Writer

Kelley has 25+ years experience as a communications strategist. Over the years she has built a reputation as an outstanding conduit between clients and creatives. Her approach to account management involves consistently encouraging her clients and team to “take a step back” and examine what they hope to accomplish and why, then collaborating to develop practical plans and tactics to get there.

My combo: writing + strategy + account management

I am, in no particular order: writer, mother, friend, backcountry adventurer, cyclist, yogi, sourdough baker, news junkie

Basic necessities for work: coffee (Americano, no room), MacBook Air, inspiration

Social media: Strava

Favourite brand: Patagonia

I’m my best self: outside

I crave: the outdoors, family time, popcorn

I collect: sea glass and cookbooks

I’m impressed by people who: are authentic and kind

Significant accomplishment: going a whole year without buying a loaf of bread

I believe: spelling counts

I’m always looking for: fresh powder

Favourite apps: New York Times, Radar

Podcasts worth a listen: The Guardian Long Reads, The Daily, 99% Invisible, Modern Love

Books that have defined me: The Canadian Press Stylebook (sad but true)

Interesting fact: my paternal grandmother’s ancestors first arrived in Canada from Scotland in 1630–10 generations ago