Michelle Pentz Glave

My Combo: Storytelling + Editing + Strategy + Website Management

I am, in no particular order: Mother, lover, optimist, gardener, storyteller, local food activist, martial artist, runner, pantheist, effervescent, empathetic, organized, passionate

I am interested in: Food and ag, cinema, horses, travel, languages, people

Basic necessities for work: Mac, iPhone, email, high-speed Net connection, Word, WordPress, MailChimp

Must-have items for Vancouver: Skis, beach blanket, umbrella, February airline tickets to Mexico or California

Social media: Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn

I am my best self: At dusk

I crave: Fresh asparagus in spring, Salt Spring Island goat cheese, a glass of Oregon pinot noir... 

I collect: Rocks

Favourite brand: Icebreaker

I am impressed by people who: Can speak in public with panache

Blogs worth RSSing: Empress of Dirt

Coffee or tea? Loose-leaf black tea (although the id wants Milchkaffee)

Car or bike? Bike

Books that have defined me: War and Peace, Sophie’s Choice, Of Mice and Men

Interesting fact: I grew up riding my horse through the (former) cherry and apricot orchards of Silicon Valley

Favourite websites: Wikipedia

Always looking for: Work-life balance

Significant accomplishment: Winning Columbia U’s best investigative story prize for my Master’s thesis

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