My Combo: Design + Art Direction

I am, in no particular order: Graphic designer, art director, idea-generator, typophile, illustrator, foodist, writer, educator, mentor, bibliophile, runner, spinner, blogger, friend, daughter, sister, wife and best mom in the whole wide world who kisses too much

I am interested in: Logo design, packaging design, typography, brand identity, handlettering, anything Japanese, movie soundtracks, art-house cinema, travel, food, letterpress printing, male chipping sparrows, Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy, French & Saunders, Tom Eckersley poster design, Studio Ghibli and whatever my husband or son is creating today

Basic necessities for work: Sketchbook and pencil, Macbook Pro, beautiful fonts, iPhone, hot tea, clean glasses and a song playlist that includes Patrick Watson, Marisa Monte, The Sundays, and soundtracks from Samara and Life of Pi

Must-have items for Vancouver: Waterproof footwear, iPod nano watch, Instagram and iPhone, fresh croissant from Beaucoup Bakery

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

I am my best self: After 9 hours of restful slumber, consuming caffeine, spin class or a one-hour run

Favourite brand: Criterion Collection

I crave: Ajisai’s Special Chirashi, three-hour massages and clients who say, “Do what you think is best for us. I have this big pile of money and I’m not in a rush.”

I collect: Anything by Dick Bruna, French Paper, Malcolm Liepke, books on packaging, typography and logo design, Lego mini-figures, Archie comic strips illustrated by Harry Lucey, well-designed or letterpressed business cards, design journals

I am impressed by people who: Have integrity and are grounded with their priorities in the right place, always ready to learn new things outside of their comfort zone

Blogs worth RSSing: Grain Edit, Lovely Package, I Love Typography, FPO: For Print Only, Art of the Menu, The Great Discontent

Car or bike? Bike! as much as possible. Unless epic road trip, then car

Favourite websites: currently Brand New, Jessica Hische (click on the HEART!), CreativeBloq

Significant accomplishment: Getting into Communication Arts without trying to. What I was trying to do was design the best possible solution for a client who needed good brand design