My yoga teacher is a closet master marketer

by Kelley Korbin

I love Savasana.

If you have never practiced yoga, Savasana, pronounced Shivasana, means “corpse pose.” To get into this pose, you lie splayed out on your back and let your arms and legs flop to the side. It’s the traditional end to any yoga practice and is often likened to the death of the practice. It allows your body and mind time to transition from yoga class to the rest of your day.

People love Savasana because it is the least physically challenging pose of any yoga practice. Often 10 minutes long, it can also be a chance for an invigorating nap.

I love the pose because of my yoga teacher, Kim. At the beginning of class, she reminds us to bring props, including a blanket, to our mats in case we might like one for Savasana.

I never take a blanket.

Why? Because if you don’t, and then you place your hand on your heart at the beginning of Savasana, Kim comes around with blankets and literally tucks you in.

She gently places a blanket over you and snugs it under your feet to make sure you’re all cozy. Then she softly tugs your feet or rubs your shoulders. She is the only person (including my husband and kids) who touches me without expecting anything in return.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this small act of Savasana kindness and intimacy.

As a not-so-bendy person who loves to muscle her way into the hard parts of life, I’m learning, through yoga, to find the fragile balance point between effort and ease—both on and off my mat. But the most difficult lesson for an A-type, do-it-yourself person like me is coming to accept that it’s okay to need, even to relish, the tenderness offered by a kind yoga instructor.

The best marketers create unique and inimitable experiences for their clients. With her Savasana blanket embrace, Kim entices me to come back to her class at least twice a week, despite the fact that there are many other amazing yoga teachers out there.

She has turned me into not just a yoga evangelist, but a Kim evangelist—one who has persuaded numerous friends and family to come and try her classes.

She’s a marketing genius.

I bet she doesn’t even know it.