Combo notes: aspirational no more!

by Kelley Korbin

Lounge chairs at the cottage; a stack of recipes ripped from the pages of magazines and newspapers; quilting fabric piled high in a craft closet (actually, the entire craft closet).

These are a few of the aspirational items in my possession. They are things I rarely use, but am unwilling to part with—because in my idealized vision of the future there will come a time that I will use them regularly.

I reflected on this fact as I stood on one of the aforementioned lounge chairs cleaning windows during opening weekend at the cottage a few weeks back. Opening weekend is always a flurry of carrying supplies, repairing all kinds of things that have mysteriously broken after a winter of abandonment and ubiquitous cleaning. Hence the lounge chairs-come-ladder scenario.

Unfortunately in my case, opening weekend or not, the lounge chairs seem to be constantly hijacked by cottage improvement projects, Scrabble and other adventurous distractions. I never seem to make time to relax in one. By the time we close up for the winter, as I pack, carry and clean, I find myself staring longingly at those chairs and wishing I had spent more time on their cushy pillows.

We all hold on to aspirational items. I firmly believe they serve an important purpose, a sort of vision statement for our lives: something we head towards dreaming of a time when we’ll have the space, time and motivation to do the things we’ve always wanted to do.

At Combo, our blog, or “notes” page has been up until now a predominantly aspirational item. The partners (Su T FittermanSarah Gayda and me) loved the idea of blogging weekly. We preach to our clients the value of developing a voice, a brand and a personality by blogging not to mention the importance of keeping your blog up to date if you are going to put one on your website.

And yet. We regularly found excellent excuses to put off writing that next blog— client deadlines, family obligations, sick pets and a cottage that needs opening.

No longer! My partners and I are officially walking the talk and moving our blog from aspiration to reality. You will see a post from one of us here every week. While you will definitely see advice about marketing, we’ve decided to mainly use it as a forum to practice the craft and passion we share, which is writing. 

I plan to pen at least a few of these posts from the vantage point of my lounge chair this summer.