Happy blogging Anniversary to us

by Kelley Korbin

A year ago the Combo partners, Su T Fitterman, Sarah Gayda and Kelley Korbin (that’s me), decided it was time to walk the walk and put into practice one of the pieces of advice we regularly share with our clients.

That is, if you make space for a blog on your website, you had better commit to keeping it up to date.

A dynamic and current blog is good for SEO. It also shows your customers and stakeholders that you are engaged in your business. By regularly sharing knowledge and opinions, it helps position you as an industry expert or thought leader.

At Combo, we knew that as a small, boutique marketing and communications agency, a regular blog wouldn’t help our SEO much. Nor were any of us particularly interested in being recognized as a thought leader — we're content just to earn the trust and confidence of our clients . But we did believe that blogging would provide a great space to practice the craft that the three of us love most — writing.

After much discussion, we came to an agreement:

1. That we would blog weekly, with each partner writing one piece every three weeks. This was a big commitment given that in the year prior we had published exactly three blogs – not really walking the walk.

2. That on any given week, each of us would write on any topic that caught our interest. While we are all marketing and communications experts with more years of experience than any of us would like to count, we didn’t want to limit our weekly writing to columns about unique selling points, user experience or the elements of great design. Don’t get me wrong — we are all really interested in those things, but we also know there are many great people out there already producing that kind of content. Besides, that was our day job. We wanted to have the opportunity, through our blog, to muse and touch on topics we don’t necessarily share in client meetings.

Ultimately this decision was born out of the fact that we know that writing is like exercise. To remain nimble and efficient at it requires regular, devoted practice. We thought that writing regularly on topics we are passionate about would allow us to continue to develop our craft and, ultimately, deliver a better product.

A year and 50 blog posts later, I am proud to say we have become better writers, and we are delivering a better product.

We are now discussing a next iteration of our blog, to coincide with the launch of a new Combo website (coming soon!), but I for one am advocating that we keep our current practice of writing about anything and everything under the sun. From my colleagues here at Combo, I have had the pleasure of reading excellent writing on serious and funny topics that span Su T’s wardrobe philosophy to insights into Sarah’s preoccupation with a certain The National host. I have also had the opportunity to luxuriate in some of my own thoughts, not feeling guilty that I was “wasting” work time musing over growing children and politics south of the border.

The Combo blog has become my favourite part of a job I love. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.