Stephen Colbert takes down that Pepsi ad

Just one bit this week. A hilarious take down by Stephen Colbert of the now notorious Pepsi-Kendall Jenner ad. My favourite bit: Kendall handing her blonde wig to a black female assistant. Too much. Dang. What was Pepsi thinking? 


Have any of you watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend, starring the brilliant Rachel Bloom? If you haven't, please do. It's a musical comedy, and pure genius. Ms. Bloom has now collaborated with Vanity Fair on a great new tune, #Ladyboss. If you're a female in any kind of management role, heck, if you're female, you will get this. 

Here's another example of her crazy songwriting ability. It's one of my favourites from the first season of the show, and I dedicate it to all you STEM girls out there. 

2 will move you. 1 will bring back memories.

Technically I guess these are ads, although each tells a compelling story, and they take beyond 60 seconds to do so. But so worth it. 

I was bawling by the end. Such good storytelling, and for a social cause like transgender rights in India to boot. Go, VICKS. 

An homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Cute. 

Really moving. Quite relevant these days. 

Love Conquers All

Has there ever been a better pairing that food and love? This may be an ad, but it's also a funny and moving story about the power of love over junk and processed food. Great music, too. Bon appetit, and good viewing!

Ads that inspire

There is so much crap going on in the world right now and it is stressing me out. So I'm choosing to bring you some uncrap this afternoon. Sure, they're ads, but dang if they don't make you smile or well up. 

Canadian Tire "Wheels"

Canadian Tire "Wheels"



Subaru "Moving Out"

Subaru "Moving Out"

And now, a video break from the madness

What an insane four days. Quebec City. #muslimban. lowercase-kkk on the NSC. Sally Yates fired. From the Department of Hope and Cheering Up:

Three Beautiful Human Minutes by Asger Leth


A Volvo ad that will have you reexamining your priorities. Shout out to philosopher Alan Watts - that's his voice you're listening to. Watch, then go live fully. 

The Dutch are funny! Hilarious welcome to Donald Trump. 





That's it for this week, folks. Lots of love, sut