My Combo: Strategy + Marketing + Writing

I am, in no particular order: Friend, wife, mother, aunt, writer, mountain biker, crossword puzzle fanatic, news junkie, nature lover

I am interested in: Current events, the human condition, savouring good moments

Basic necessities for work: MacBook Air, iPhone, Canadian Oxford Dictionary, a variety of grammar usage and style guides and a great thesaurus

Must-have items for Vancouver: truly waterproof jacket, bike, reverence for Triple-O burgers

Social media: Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn

ALWAYS LOOKING FOR: meaningful conversation and good laughs

Favourite brand: Santa Cruz Bicycles

I am my best self: In the mornings at my desk with coffee or in the woods

I crave: Coffee, wine and chocolate

I collect: Corks

I am impressed by people who: are really intelligent but can pull off humor and humility as well

Coffee or tea? Coffee, black

Car or bike? Bike for fun, car when I have to

interesting fact: I'm related to Buffalo Bill

FAVOURITE APPS: Trailforks, New York Times Crossword, car2go  

booKS THAT HAVE DEFINED ME: Cat's Eye, Revolution from Within, Lean In


Sarah Gayda.jpg