Scott Pelly

My Combo: Print Consulting + Brokering

I am, in no particular order: Husband, father, hockey coach, hockey player, consumer, technophile, creator, print broker, MacGyver superfan

I am interested in: Way too many things to accomplish in 10 lifetimes

Basic necessities for work: PMS book, MacBook Pro, 27” monitor, iPhone, iPad and coffee, lots of coffee

Must-have items for Vancouver: GoreTex and sunglasses

Social media: uh…

Favourite brand: Apple

I am my best self: Deep into the night


I crave: Coffee, and anything cooked on a BBQ

I collect: Vintage postcards of Vancouver

I am impressed by people who: Place value in things that don’t have dollar signs attached to them

Coffee or tea? Coffee, duh

Car or bike? Car for work, bike for fun

Favorite website: MacRumors
Always looking for: LandRover parts on eBay
Significant accomplishment: Over 25 years working in the print industry