Su T Fitterman

My Combo: Creative Strategy + Writing

I am, in no particular order: Friend, wife, mother, writer, editor, sister, daughter, knitter, baker, cook, gardener, creative director, collaborator and catalyst

I am interested in: Everything. My friends call me Soogle.

Basic necessities for work: MacBook 13" Pro, iPhone, email

Must-have items for Vancouver: Blundstones, raincoat, knit cap

Social media: Twitter for news, Facebook for family and friends

Favourite brand: See’s Candies

I am my best self: Super early in the morning

I crave: Dark chocolate with no bitter aftertaste

I collect: Information, artisanal chocolate, tweed yarn

I am impressed by people who: Can put their ego to the side 

Coffee or tea? Hot water with lemon

Blogs worth RSSing: Seth Godin, Penelope Trunk, Co.Create

Car or bike? Sadly, car, although I keep my electronic-assist Kalkhoff in the living room, just in case