Su T Fitterman

Founder + Creative Director

Su T is an award-winning copywriter turned communication design creative director. At Combo, Su T oversees designers, writers, strategists, web developers and printers. She’s fast, thorough, calm (OK, 96% of the time), independent—and enjoys it all tremendously. She also has a knack for helping clients realize their genuine voice. While Su T believes in active verbs and the thumb’s up emoji, she is still coming to terms with the Oxford comma.

My combo: strategy + creative direction + writing

I am, in no particular order: friend, wife, mother, writer, editor, sister, daughter, knitter, baker, cook, gardener, collaborator, catalyst

I am interested in: everything–my friends call me Soogle

Basic necessities for work: iMac, iPhone 7+, Monday team management software, Adobe Creative Cloud

Must-have items for Vancouver: fleece, rain jacket, toque, Blundstones

Social media: Instagram

Favourite brand: See’s Candies

I’m my best self: super early in the morning

I collect: tweed yarn, Hycroft china

I’m impressed by people who: can ship

Coffee or tea: hot water

Podcasts worth a listen: Akimbo, Design Matters, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Pivot, CBC Sunday Edition

Equipment that defines me: knitting needles, Felco pruners

Car or bike: sadly, car, although I do use an electronic-assist bike in the warmer months

My tribe is: earthbound