Today Studio


Today is a Copenhagen-based design studio run by the Danish-German designer duo Christina Lauer and Leon Sloth. With a focus on visual identities and digital design, the two excel at combining clear and focused design solutions with delightful elements that build intuitive emotional connections to their clients’ audiences.

We are, in no particular order: graphic designers, yellow, today

We’re interested in: everything

Must-have items for Copenhagen: bike, after-work drinks, year-round windbreaker

Social media: heard about it 😉 – Instagram @todaystudiocph

We’re our best selves: in the studio

We crave: flow

We collect: fonts, colours, stupid questions

Significant accomplishment: becoming family with our favourite clients

Always looking for: curious people

Favourite apps: Soundcloud (Leon), MobilePay (Christina)

Books that have defined us: MacBook Pro (Christina), The Jungle Book (Leon)

Interesting fact: the truth isn’t always beautiful

We’re still hoping for: people to stop hoping and start doing

Favourite question for our clients: But why?!