Glance Digital


Lance Cummings has 18+ years of experience in digital media. A visual problem solver, he specializes in crafting immersive, interactive and responsive custom websites that deliver across the wide range of devices and screen sizes. Lance invests in staying on top of his game to deliver cutting-edge programming using the latest technologies. No matter what tools Lance finds himself with, the common thread is his creativity and craftsmanship.

My combo: technology + art + problem solving
I am, in no particular order: father, husband, son, friend, maker
I am interested in: listening, learning, trying
Basic necessities for work: a computer and an internet connection
Must-have items for Vancouver: A sunny disposition
Favourite brand: Mountain Equipment Coop
I am my best self: in the morning
I collect: books

I am impressed by people who: can hacky sack
Coffee or tea? Tea
Car or bike? Bike
I believe: in love
Always looking for: the most elegant solution
Favourite app: Wunderground
Favourite podcast: This American Life
Books that have defined me: books written by A. A. Milne, Arthur Ransome, Arthur Conan Doyle and Stephen R. Lawhead
Interesting fact: As I was growing up, my career aspirations included cook, butcher, farmer, furniture maker and war photographer.
Work most proud of: my latest project