Talia Cohen

Designer + Art Director

A multidisciplinary designer and art director, Talia believes in the importance of creating memorable brands by bridging the gap between strategy and design, with a focus on impactful and unexpected experiences. Her work is guided by a strong, analytical approach, coupled with a passion for craft. Talia recently spent time as the managing digital art director at Lululemon, with a focus on interactive experiences.

Basic necessities for work: sunlight, trees, quiet

Must-have items for Vancouver: hiking shoes, kayak, dog

Social media: Instagram @taliacohenyvr

Favourite brands: Acne and Patagonia

I’m my best self: when 100 feet deep underwater

I collect: obscure objects, from even more obscure places

I’m impressed by people who: remain forthright to their fundamental truths

Coffee or tea: soy triple-shot latte

Car or bike: car (walk when possible!)

Significant accomplishment: becoming a mother

Podcasts worth a listen: This American Life

Books that have defined me: my mother’s cookbook

Favourite fonts: DIN

Interesting fact: I was ranked third in South Africa for judo

Work most proud of: underwater photography recognized by National Geographic