Sarah Gayda

Strategist + Editor

Sarah is a passionate and driven marketing-communications professional with 20+ years of experience in her field. She has a proven track record of helping organizations develop and execute effective marketing and communication strategies that directly contribute to the success of their businesses. A longtime member of Editors Canada, Sarah also applies her considerable editing skills to Combo projects.

My combo: brand strategy + content strategy + editing + writing

I am, in no particular order: friend, wife, mother, aunt, writer, editor, volunteer crisis worker, mountain biker, crossword puzzle fanatic, news junkie, nature lover

I’m interested in: current events, the human condition, savouring good moments, making the world a better place

Basic necessities for work: MacBook Air, iPhone, Canadian Oxford Dictionary, a variety of grammar usage and style guides, a great thesaurus, coffee

Must-have items for Vancouver: truly waterproof jacket, bike, reverence for Triple-O burgers

Social media: Twitter because I like it; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn because I have to

I’m my best self: in the mornings at my desk with coffee or in the woods

I crave: coffee, wine, chocolate, meaningful conversation

I collect: corks

I’m impressed by people who: are really intelligent but possess humour and humility as well

Car or bike: bike for fun, car when I have to

Favourite app: New York Times Crossword

Podcasts worth a listen: The Daily, Sway, Stay Tuned With Preet, The Rachel Maddow Show, Gaslit Nation, Ask Big Questions

I am still hoping that: reason, goodness and philanthropy will prevail