Nancy Wu


Nancy is a Vancouver-based senior designer and illustrator specializing in logo design, idea generation and brand development. She is revered for her brilliant visual identities and encyclopedic knowledge typography. No matter the client, Nancy always delivers beautiful, creative solutions that possess thoughtfulness and personality–and are always on brand.

I’m interested in: telling stories effectively, delightfully, thoughtfully, uniquely and graphically through design

Basic necessities for work: black pen, paper, a good night’s sleep (7 hrs), caffeine and an open mind

Must-have items for Vancouver: Blundstones (lined sole, leather), waterproof raincoat (Baro is my fave), Snoopy umbrella (Vancouver Umbrella Co, RIP), waterproof shoulder bag (MEC)

Social media: @nancywudesign

Favourite brands: Muji, Tsutaya, Dropbox

I am my best self: when challenged, optimistic, bruised but not beaten

I collect: classic books on logo, trademark, lettering, typography, and Dick Bruna design; cute/kawaii objects that make me smile

I’m impressed by people who: treat those who are considered the least important in the room like the most important in the room

Significant accomplishment: getting into the Communication Arts Design Annual with the first freelance job I got after getting laid off. And becoming a mother.

Always looking for: the interesting that stirs the soul v. timesucking activities that are forgettable and meaningless

Favourite fonts: Fabriga, Stilla Script, Sharp Grotesk, Tiempos

Interesting fact: Thirty years ago, I was standing in line at Nettwerk Records garage sale when Sarah McLachlan, who had just released her first album, came by on her bike with her groceries in the front basket. She was super nice, said hi to us and gladly autographed my Ben’s Song EP.

I am still hoping for: Pentagram to open a Vancouver office–I’d gladly work my ass off there

Car or bike: bike

I believe: that few tangible things last forever 🙂